The beautiful FACES of Ames 2010

Chilly fall weather is finally moving in this week. However, last Saturday, Oct 16th, the weather couldn’t be more perfect! It was a beautiful 70 degrees sunny day and we were out @ Bandshell Park for FACES of Ames 2010. There were 60+ Ames businesses and organizations there to showcase the diversity of Ames, IA. One of the many reasons why our beloved hometown is a very special and awesome city!

Here are some pictures that we took from the event: FACES of Ames 2010

We have two simple goals that we wanted to accomplish with FACES of Ames, to connect with people in the community and to do something that will make them happy :)

Everybody loves temporary tattoos, right? Especially the no-mess, waterless, ones. So we brought and gave away ~400 of them!

Next we wanted to do something that can help everybody, regardless of age, reconnect with the hero inside them! So we used up all of the creative and artistic powers that we can muster to create Flarecaster Boy and Flarecaster Girl!

You can witness their evolution here: Flarecaster Boy & Flarecaster Girl – Evolution

We couldn’t be happier with the result! Throughout the day over 150 people, young and young-at-heart, were reconnected with the hero inside them and had their pictures taken as Flarecaster Boys and Girls! See all the pictures we took here: Heroic FACES of Ames

I think these pictures perfectly captured the essence of FACES of Ames! They showed the beautiful diversity of our little Ames community.

If you see a picture of you or your children, share them with your friends and families. If you want the high resolution originals, we’ll be more than happy to send them your way. Just e-mail with the numbers you see in the caption below the picture.

Finally, most people also love free T-shirts! So we give away 10 Flarecaster T-shirts :)

Here are the winners:

  • Yunnie Low
  • Carver Nebbe
  • Abbi Kris
  • Barb Gauger
  • John Tuohy
  • Charlie Kuester
  • AJ Sorenson
  • Becky Coppoc
  • Tiffany Walker
  • Jason Mamakos

Congratulations to the winners! And thank you all to those who participated in the drawing!
We will contact you to get your T-shirt size and address so we can mail you the T-shirts.

For all of you who came out and stopped by our table to learn a little bit about Flarecaster and all of you who is reading this post now, I hope we’re able to connect with you and brighten your day a bit, thank you so much for all your support! :)

Finally, we want to thank United Ames for organizing this event. We had a blast and we’re looking forward to FACES of Ames 2011!

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