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Batman has his Utility Belt, Wonder woman has her Lasso of Truth and Green Lantern has his Power Ring! *
For Flarecasters, we have invented an equally fantastic gadget that will give you amazing powers!
The Flarecaster App.

We invented the Flarecaster App with one goal in mind – to empower Flarecasters everywhere to help each other bring out and unleash the hero within us!

The Flarecaster App provides you with the following powers:

  • The Power to Create and Cast Flares
    • When you need heroes the most, you will have the power to cast Flares and unleash heroes around you simply by calling for help!
  • The Power to Catch and Respond to Flares
    • When other people need heroes, you will have the power to quickly respond to their Flares, to unleash the hero in you and help them!

What is a Flare? A Flare is simply a short distress message that is sent via SMS text messaging system. Flares alert others to your emergency situation and provide them with important information, such as your location and the nature of your emergency, so they can help you.

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*Batman, Utility Belt, Wonder Woman, Lasso of Truth, Green Lantern and Power Ring are Registered Trademarks of DC Comics.

The Power to Create and Cast Flares

The Power to Create and Cast Flares  

You need heroes the most when you are in an emergency situation.

In an emergency, your instinct is to call for help by calling an emergency number, like 911. This call will connect you to an emergency dispatcher who will assess the situation and dispatch the proper emergency services to help you.

This is an excellent system. There are, however, situations where this system may not be effective. For example:

  • When there are burglars in the house, speaking may reveal your location to the burglars and jeopardize your safety.
  • In case of medical emergencies where you are unable to speak or maintain consciousness.
  • In mass emergency situations where there are not enough emergency dispatchers to answer your call.
  • When an emergency occurs overseas where you can’t speak the language.
  • When unreliable telephone connection or limited telephone battery life does not allow you to finish conveying the information needed by the emergency dispatcher to send the right help to the right location.

The Flarecaster App complements your call for help by casting your Flares to one or more people. You do not have to do anything differently from what your instinct is telling you to do. Simply call for help and the Flarecaster App will simultaneously cast your Flares as your call for help is being connected.

The Flares you cast may alert families, friends, neighbors, even strangers around you and give them a chance to unleash the hero within, to provide you with first aid while emergency services are on their way.

If you have a Twitter account, you can also cast your Flare to all your followers with a single SMS.

With the power to Create and Cast Flares you can:

  • Significantly increase your chance of receiving first aid
  • Instantly alert others to your emergency.
  • Give them a chance to unleash their hero and provide you with first aid
  • Eliminate the need to choose between calling for help or alerting your network

The Power to Catch and Respond to Flares

As a Flarecaster, you may receive Flares from other Flarecasters when they need help. The Flare may come from a friend, a family member, neighbors or even strangers.

Flares are sent in real-time. When time is of the essence, there is a very good chance that your timely help can significantly affect the outcome of an emergency., So please take every received Flare seriously. Do not hesitate to take the opportunity to unleash the hero inside you and help your fellow Flarecaster.
Flarecaster App gives you the power to quickly respond to Flares.

With the power to Catch and Respond to Flares you can:

  • Quickly call the source of the Flare to assess the situation.
  • Map a path and calculate the distance between you and the source of the Flare so you can see if you are in a position to provide first aid.
  • Call for help and provide the emergency dispatcher with important information in the Flare to insure that the right emergency services are sent to the right location




Flarecaster and Flarecaster Free

There are 2 versions of the Flarecaster App, Flarecaster and Flarecaster Free. Flarecaster Free is designed to give you a chance to try and practice these powers. After you get the hang of it, you will want to get Flarecaster so you can have the full power of Flarecaster App at your disposal! For more information, please see the comparison chart below.

Flarecaster is available for only $4.99! You can get these amazing powers for approximately the cost of one fast food meal or a cup of your favorite ice blended coffee beverage.

  • 50% of the proceeds from Flarecaster sale go back into Research and Development, so we can continuously improve Flarecaster App and bring you additional powers at no additional cost.
  • The other 50% of the proceeds will go back to the community through our Unleash Heroes movement. Learn more about our Mission here.
  • We are currently supporting an excellent organization that fights crime by investing in the young generation and providing valuable community education – Fight Crime: Invest in Kids



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The beautiful FACES of Ames 2010

Chilly fall weather is finally moving in this week. However, last Saturday, Oct 16th, the weather couldn’t be more perfect! It was a beautiful 70 degrees sunny day and we were out @ Bandshell Park for FACES of Ames 2010. There were 60+ Ames businesses and organizations there to showcase the diversity of Ames, IA. One of the many reasons why our beloved hometown is a very special and awesome city!

We have two simple goals that we wanted to accomplish with FACES of Ames, to connect with people in the community and to do something that will make them happy :)




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